To all the couples out there getting married late this year, 2019 or even year after that – it is really time to start getting an overview and start planning!

We know a good amount of couples thats getting married the next coming years, some of them are really good at planning but som I’m slightly worried for. Of course the planning dont need to take years, but a structured way to plan is alfa and omega, regardless the size of the wedding and if its home or abroad. We have actually started to understand that the more your doing yourself, the more ruthless planning you need. So for you that scoffs of the bridezillas thats planning all down to the smallest of details, you just have to understand what its all about 😉 A couple of months ago i was recommended the wedding-portal This is a Norwegian wedding-planning tool where you can easy get an overview over your whole wedding.

The portal lives up to its expectations, this is in fact easy! If your in the absolute beginning of your planning you can find vendors to all the aspects of your wedding. From prises on venues, photographers, music, flowers, drivers, toastmaster and even all the churches imaginable in the country. A great thing about this portal is that you have all the prices for your purpose in one place so you dont need to waste time sending lots of inquiries all over the place to find out its maybe out of your budget. Since were not getting married in Norway i didn’t find many vendors that i could use, but if i was to get married in Norway this would have been the best place to start and do all my planning!

The aspect of the tool we did use much was the budget-handling! Hello, a wedding without a form of budget will escalate and get out of control in so many ways. I promise! Regardless if the budget is 150 000,- NOK or you have a «use as much as we need» should all couple have a control over what they are spending. Its nice to use the deadline function to remind yourself to take a decision in good time and within reasonable time before the wedding to get what you want and dont stress to the end of the planning. An example is a wedding dress that can take about 4-6 months to get delivered and after that it might need alterations and some fittings. The venue that you have set your heart on might be a busy and popular venue so get your bookings in early.

Another function i really liked was the guest-list. Here you can add all the information you need for each and every guest. From who they are (mum, sister, friend etc.) to diet requests. And this can be sendt to the hotel/venue/caterer so that they know a full break down of your guests and you can use it to get an overview of who needs hotels and who is living close by.

Hope this was inspiring and that those of you that are in the staring block or well into your planning will have a look at the planning tool Was great to gather everything in one place, and online so that you have access wherever you are 😉

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