Norway is the place for you that dream of beautiful scenic surroundings for your big day. Or for you that just want to start your marriage with real powder snow.


Surrounded by mountains, with the river as an silver lining throwout the landscape you will find Myrkdalen Hotel, one of the perfect places to have your wedding. Not far from one of the countries greatest skiing-resort.

Bride playing in the snow

Frøydis Asp Ormåsen

– Myrkdalen is a big contender for our big day, says Silje Skorve (32) from Voss. The thoughts about the wedding is really fresh. Her coming husbunde Lars-Georg Paulsen (31) proposeed to her just under 2 weeks ago. The two of them was out in the powder snow when the boyfriend got out a bottle of Champagne from his bag and took off his skiingjacket – under he had a suit and shirt.

– I was lucky from the start, because of the powder snow. But a marriage proposal on top of it all was overwhelming. It was an absolutley amazing day at the mountain said Silje. She said yes, and now the eager outdoor couple are in full swing of planning the big day. They would love to have the ceremony outdoors, and have the party in a place that will reflect them and what they are most passionate about : Active nature experiences.

I was lucky from the start, because of the powder snow. But a marriage proposal on top of it all was overwhelming

Sognefjord is only a short car ride away, wich makes it possible to combin your wedding weekend with some paddling, or a fjordcruise in the Næroyfjord. Fot the couple that really would like to go all in the nearby horse senter can supply you with horse and carriage, or what about the bride riding on a horse to the ceremony to meet her man?

– To us the wedding is primary about sealing our love, a celebration of our relationship. This place gives us all that we are after and more. The nature is just outside our door. The hotel has high standards, strive for great service and willing to go that extra mile to give us the unique frame around our big day and party that we are after said Silje.

The place to celebrate during all the seasons.

Beautiful backdrop for magical pictures

Kyrre Wangen og Frøydis Asp Ormåsen.

She get support from Borgny Instanes (30). She has no plans for marriage yet, but was at a wedding in Myrkdalen last autumn and got inspired.

– It was in October, with magical autumn colours all over the mountains. The over hundred guests had the hotel all to themself. The food was amazing and the experience was magical said Bogny, that reveals that she would absolutely love for her own wedding one day to be like that.

– The great thing about the Norwegian mountains and its beautiful places around is that no matther what time of the year you decide to get married it will be magical. Most places have more than enough room for al your guests and you can make the celebrations last for as longer by adding some activeties that you and your guests can do both before and after the big day.

Witch time of year do you prefer?

– I really love snow. I believe i would choose to be a winter bride, but im still waiting for someone to propose to me 😉 We can all dream, right?

In the middle of the experience

Beautiful Myrkdalen Hotel

Nils Petter Dale

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