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Prónay Castle in Alsópetény

Capacity: It is possible to accommodate altogether 77 guests at the property (in different types of rooms, including extra beds) and 27 more guests in tiny guest-houses nearby.

The impressive Prónay Castle is located near Budapest and the airport (75 km, ca 1 hour drive by car), in a charming and peaceful village. It is a romantic place hidden in a 2-acre park with a small lake. You can relax with your family and friends in an intimate setting surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Alsópetény.

There are several buildings on the property. An antique furnished main mansion (Big Castle), including a super romantic Honeymoon-Suite, serves as excellent event venue. The Small castle, retaining its original function, provides representativ accommodation for family or close friends. The new, modern buildings of the Manor Guest house welcomes its guests with comfortable apartments and double rooms., while the Spa Pavilion awaits everybody with an elegant yet cosy atmosphere.

There is a Bath House in the park. It offers a 5×10 meter swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam bath and a salt chamber.

In 2014 a wedding hall with the size of nearly 300 sq meters and modern equipment connected directly to the Prónay Castle and the park was opened which is a comfortable, ideal venue for larger wedding dinners and parties.

When it comes to food and catering, the selection at Prónay Mansion is based on local tastes and on their own, crafted products. To the served meals, they offer the wine selection of the family vineyard.

Prónay Castle in Alsópetény

Babérliget Mansion in Polány

Capacity: Babérliget Mansion can accommodate 21 guests, but in daytime all guests can enjoy their facilities (garden, pool, meals, drinks etc). Ca 30-40 guests can be accommodated in the village (within 100-500 meter distance) in modest guest houses (for very reasonable prices) or there is castle hotel with 70 beds in a neighboring village, only 8 km away.

Babérliget Mansion is a romantic place, perfect venue for a wedding. It is located approx. 25 km South from Lake Balaton, about 2,5 hours drive (170 km) from the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

This gorgeous 900 m2 mansion owns 10 bedrooms which are suitable to accommodate 21 persons at the same time. Other guests can be accommodated in private houses in the village, or in a nice castle hotel in the vicinty (7,5 km away).

Surrounded by fields of lavender, fruit trees and vineyards, this Provence style mansion is set in a beautiful enclosed area amongst the hills of Somogy. Originally it was the beloved home of Count Békeffy from the late 19th century. Today the furniture is a delightful collection of local and overseas antiques and contemporary design elements. The house is surrounded by a charming garden with large trees and lots of lavender, and there is a spa area in the garden with Mediterranean atmosphere. Babérliget Mansion is an island of calmness, offering peaceful relaxation. When it comes to gastronomy, they follow the the farm-to-table movement. They purchase most of the ingredients from the small suppliers living in the neighborhood. Their kitchen mixes Hungarian flavors with dishes from the Italian cuisine.can be held

A wedding ceremony can be carried out in the garden, in the cozy living room or by the pool, while the dinner and the party can be held in the Event Pavilion.

Babérliget Mansion in Polány

Babérliget Mansion

Tópart Hotel by the lake Balaton

Capacity: the hotel can host maximum 56 people in 18 rooms (9 doubles and 9 family rooms) More guests can be accomodated in nearby hotels and guest-houses but they can enjoy the facilities of the hotel during the day.

This is a cozy hotel located on the Balaton coast, about 100 km from Budapest. Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe. The hotel has a romantic waterfront garden and private beach which offers lovely view on to the lake. Guests can relax before and after the wedding day on the hotel’s beach. The wedding ceremony and reception can be organized right at the lakeshore, under the open sky, on the pier which belongs to the hotel and runs right to the Balaton or in the new, lockable terrace which shields from the bad weather, wind or hot. There is an entertainment hall for the dinner and the wedding party which is very modern with the newest lightning equipment. The entertainment hall is 210 square meter, where  even 110 person can celebrate together.

There are several program options nearby, e.g. wine tasting, climbing park, visiting the Tihany peninsula (UNESCO World Heritage site, symbol of the unique harmony of man, nature and history) or Siófok, the most popular holiday resort in Hungary during summertime

Tópart Hotel by the lake Balaton

Tópart Hotel

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